The e-book Mujannah contains sewing pattern and instructions for horse riding saddle bags. It is a modular system. You can choose between three different mountings for English or western saddles; an angular and a round flap with magnetic snaps or Velcro fasteners; and between a small bag, the „Horse-Clutch“, and two large ones, the „Daytripper“ and the „Hot Summer” with bottle holder. All parts are coordinated and can be freely combined. The instructions show you in detail how to sew your own saddle bag. There are many hints and tips, e.g., which materials you can use.

You buy a PDF-file, that you can open on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You need a printer for the pattern. Please don’t print the whole file if it’s not necessary.

All rights of this pattern and manual lie with Dagmar Glaser – icehorse. Distribution, sale, reprint, exchange, copy or publication (even in parts) is expressly prohibited. No liability is accepted for errors in the manual.

Up to ten sewn saddlebags may be sold royalty-free, for larger quantities you can purchase a license.

Ebook Saddle Bags Mujannah English